VOXX Adapts myris to Enterprise Market, Tests on Self

VOXX Adapts myris to Enterprise MarketVOXX has adapted its myris USB iris scanning device for the enterprise market, the company has announced.

In its initial iteration aimed at the consumer market, the device’s iris scanning technology was touted by its maker, EyeLock (of which VOXX has recently taken a controlling interest), as “faster and more secure than any other biometric identifier aside from DNA.” And the praise didn’t come from its developer alone; at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, myris was named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree.

Now, VOXX says Enterprise myris is “the first USB-powered iris authentication product specifically engineered for the enterprise market.” It uses video-based technology to scan 240 specific iris characteristics, generating a unique, encrypted code for each individual scanned. And to demonstrate its effectiveness, VOXX has integrated the device in certain departments of its corporate headquarters, reporting “positive feedback” from its employees, which shouldn’t come as too surprising.

The company is also currently integrating its recently announced nano NXT Iris Access Control solution in its new manufacturing facility in Orlando. VOXX was showing off this new iris scanning system at the ASIS 2015 conference this week, and given its many advanced features and capabilities, it’s likely to be a hit in its VOXX deployment too.

October 1, 2015 – by Alex Perala