VoiceVault Voice Biometric Financial Services Mobile App Deployed Simultaneously to 40 Countries

SAN FRANCISCO–VoiceVault announces the establishment of another milestone for the international acceptance of voice biometrics in mobile applications with the simultaneous launch of an app in 40 countries by a top three global US financial institution.

Available now, the Android and iOS smartphone and tablet application utilizes VoiceVault voice biometrics as part of a multifactor authentication process for securing commercial banking ACH payments and wire transfers. The solution provides critical high security multifactor authentication support for multi-million dollar financial transactions, with billions of dollars in transfers already secured by active users in over 30 countries.

VoiceVault recognized the challenges with such a global rollout and how imperative it was that the app was able to pass legal review in each of the locations it was available in. The regulatory authorities in each country demanded that the voice biometric process meet the required user consent legislation. VoiceVault’s voice biometric identity verification has successfully fulfilled the stringent privacy requirements in each of the countries of deployment.

“This is the first voice biometric mobile application that has obtained global regulatory acceptance and this has been achieved while maintaining very stringent accuracy levels demanded by the financial services industry,” said Julia Webb, VP of Sales and Marketing for VoiceVault. “This is just one of the many international facing apps we are collaborating on that people will see in the next 12 months.”

About VoiceVault

VoiceVault is a private voice biometric company that focuses exclusively on the development and deployment of voice biometric solutions in the financial and healthcare sectors. VoiceVault is a US based company (El Segundo, CA) with an R&D center in the UK.

VoiceVault’s digit and passphrase-based solutions use an individual’s vocal characteristics for biometric identity verification over the phone, web, or via mobile and smart device applications. They rely on the simple fact that speaking is completely natural and effortless and that no two voices are exactly the same. They enable the delivery of data and application access control; transaction authorization; identity verification; e-signature provision and out of band authentication solutions.

Biometric voice-based solutions enable business processes to enhance multifactor authentication with something you are – your voice.


Contacts: VoiceVault Inc., Melinda Ziemer (Marketing Manager), melinda.ziemer@voicevault.com, (310) 426-2792, http://www.voicevault.com/