VoiceVault Announces Personalized Voice Biometric Identity Verification

EL SEGUNDO, Calif.–VoiceVault announces the next generation voice biometric identitylogo-header verification solution with their new language independent personalized passphrase modes enabling organizations to deploy highly customized user experiences.

“Retaining valuable customers is now an important part of customer service”

This is the next natural enhancement to VoiceVault’s voice biometric identity verification offerings as the passphrase mode provides a phrase-based solution that can be tailored to each individual customer. This language independent phase can be anything from their name; a phrase that they have chosen themselves; or a phrase that has been assigned to them.

People increasingly desire recognition of their value to an organization, and individually designed passphrases for use in voice biometric identity verification are making this a reality while ensuring they feel more secure and cared for. As they can be prompted for their phrase, there’s nothing to remember, making it the convenient choice for multifactor authentication.

“Retaining valuable customers is now an important part of customer service,” said Nik Stanbridge, VP of Product Marketing for VoiceVault. “Providing organizations with the ability to deliver identity verification solutions that offer a personalized user experience is an important component of this. Our flexible range of voice biometric passphrase modes delivers the capability that makes this possible.”

About VoiceVault

VoiceVault is a private voice biometric company that focuses exclusively on the development and deployment of voice biometric solutions in the financial and healthcare sectors. VoiceVault is a US based company (El Segundo, CA) with an R&D center in the UK.

VoiceVault’s solutions use an individual’s vocal characteristics for biometric identity verification over the phone, web, or via mobile and smart device applications. They rely on the simple fact that speaking is completely natural and effortless and that no two voices are exactly the same. They enable the delivery of data and application access control; transaction authorization; identity verification; e-signature provision and out of band authentication solutions.

Biometric voice-based solutions enable business processes to enhance multifactor authentication with something you are – your voice.


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