Voice Interface Tech Provider XMOS Teams with Electronics Distributor Weikeng

Voice Interface Tech Provider XMOS Teams with Electronics Distributor WeikengXMOS, an England-based provider of voice and audio solutions for consumer electronics, has teamed up with Wiekeng, a Taiwan-based an electronic peripherals and components maker, to extend the companies’ voice interface offerings.

In announcing the partnership, XMOS highlighted the “great synergy” between its far-field voice interface technology and Wiekeng’s distribution network in the TV and smart speaker markets. Elaborating further, XMOX CEO Mark Lippett explained, “Our world class voice and audio solutions appeal strongly to Weikeng’s customer base and we value their distribution capability across connected devices, especially smart speakers, TVs, soundbars and accessories.”

For Weikeng’s part, the company’s President and COO, Stan Chi, suggested that the partnership reflects a broader trend, asserting that “VUI (voice user interface) is becoming mainstream in key market segments including consumer electronics, commercial conferencing, and emerging automotive applications.”

Indeed, the trend has been underway for some time now, with voice-controlled virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri having played a pioneering role in familiarizing the mass market with the convenience offered by voice interfaces. And as a growing number of devices go online as part of the emerging Internet of Things, there is a growing need for user interface solutions that don’t rely on keyboard input, an area in which voice interaction offers an ideal solution.

April 30, 2018 – by Alex Perala