Voice Interaction Technologies to See CAGR of 80 Percent: ABI Research

Voice-based interaction is on the rise, with a new report from ABI Research predicting that by 2021, the number of users interacting with such systems will reach over a billion. That will reflect a CAGR of 80 percent, the market research firm says.

Voice Interaction Technologies to See CAGR of 80 Percent: ABI ResearchIn the enterprise, the hands-free functionality of voice-based interaction will prove highly appealing, with ABI Research name-checking healthcare, natural resources, construction, and factories as being sectors that could benefit from the technology. The firm notes that some companies are offering adaptable APIs, while others, such as Nuance Communications, are building solutions tailored to certain enterprise applications.

Meanwhile, in consumer electronics, “smart glasses” are once again rearing their heads, with ABI Research predicting that voice-based interaction will be “a natural fit” for such devices. That’s also true of smart home devices, with Amazon’s Echo already using voice command as its primary user interface, and other companies like Apple and Google investing heavily in their speech and voice recognition technologies.

In a statement announcing the report, ABI Research Managing Director and VP Sam Rosen said voice interaction technology “is receiving investment as the next frontier for consumer control,” suggesting further developments in artificial intelligence will further help to drive the market.

June 23, 2016 – by Alex Perala