Visiongain Highlights Biometrics in Report on Airport Security Market

Biometrics News - Visiongain Highlights Biometrics in Report on Airport Security Market

A new Visiongain report is predicting that increasing international travel will lead to a thriving airport security market over the course of the next decade. The report pegs the current value of the market at $8.83 billion, and that figure is expected to grow through 2029 as airports work to keep airport passengers safe.

Visiongain also notes that biometric technology will be an essential component of that market, with facial recognition and other forms of biometrics being used for surveillance, passenger screening, and access control. Organizations like SITA and US Customs and Border Patrol have already introduced biometric screening programs at a number of different airports, helping to streamline the boarding process while making airports safer. Those solutions will only become more appealing as the technology becomes faster and more accurate.  

In addition to biometrics, Visiongain highlights cybersecurity, ground surveillance, and e-tagging as other essential components of airport security. The report identifies SITA, Analogic, Thales, IDEMIA, and Securitas as some of the key players in the airport security market, amongst several others.

Previous Visiongain reports have forecasted a similarly rosy outlook for the facial recognition market and the healthcare biometrics market, both of which are expected to see major growth for the next ten years.

August 23, 2019 – by Eric Weiss