Vision-Box Announces ‘Seamless Totem’ Solution

Vision-Box has announced a new refinement of its Orchestra passenger processing platform dubbed “Seamless Totem”.

Vision-Box Announces 'Seamless Totem' SolutionThe aim, as usual, is to streamline passenger processing using biometric identification, with facial recognition technology identifying customers as they travel through the various contact points of an airport. Now, Seamless Totem brings that system to ports and land border facilities as well, and introduces rotating cameras designed to capture hi-res, ICAO-compliant photos of passengers as they naturally walk through processing.

In a statement announcing the solution, Vision-Box CEO Miguel Leitman asserted that the solution offers “the most efficient and reliable facial recognition technology ever, with a low impact in the environment and minimal disruption in people flow”.

Vision-Box announced the solution at this week’s FedID conference in Washington, at a time when government interest in biometric border control is rapidly intensifying.

September 13, 2017 – by Alex Perala