Vision-Box Providing Denmark With Biometric Enrollment and Border Control Solutions

Vision-Box, a provider of automated border control solutions, is known for its optimistic outlook on biometric automated border control, particularly when it comes to streamlining the passenger check-in experience in airports.

Biometric Border Control

Instead of a single automated check in point like the eGate, Vision-Box has previously proposed that, through the application of biometrics at every airport touch point, terminals will become even more convenient while also remaining as secure as possible.

Today, Vision-Box released an announcement stating that it will be spreading this convenient and secure experience to Denmark, enabling more than just easy and secure travel. The Danish Government has awarded the company with a four year framework agreement that will have the Vision-Box and its partner – the consortium of  Biometric Solutions – providing biometric enrollment and automated border control solutions to the country.

According to Vision-Box, the technology provided will be used by several ministries (including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), with the national goal of  improving the processes related to electronic citizen identity. The biometric solutions will be used in passport enrollment, the visa permit process and issuing residence permits.

“We look forward to working with the Danish Government, and our partner Biometric Solutions, to provide the best citizen experience ever,” says Jean-François Lennon, Vision-Box’s director of global business development, sales and marketing. “For that, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art technology, designed to offer more efficient and convenient services related to Electronic Identity.”

Biometric Solutions CEO Alex Ramskov Johannsen adds, “We are very happy that our collaboration with Vision-Box will help government institutions raise their service level for citizens around the world, while at the same time strengthening the security measures protecting citizens’ personal data.”

Vision-Box’s solutions have also been gaining traction in the Caribbean. In May, Vision-Box announced that Aruba will be hosting a permanent pilot of its Happy Flow barrier-free automated border control solution that operates on facial recognition.

August 29, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter