Vision-Box eGate Deployment Dramatically Reduces Screening Time

Vision-Box eGate Deployment Dramatically Reduces Screening TimeVision-Box has announced the completion of another major deployment: Its automated border control (ABC) eGate technology is now processing passengers at the Viracopos International Airport in Brazil.

It’s one of the country’s busiest airports, having seen a record 10.3 million passengers last year. To cope with such high traffic, airport authorities looked to Vision-Box’s ABC solution, which uses biometric authentication to speed up the passenger screening process while maintaining—or even heightening—security. Its eGates use facial recognition to match the passenger’s face against the biometric data stored in her Brazilian ePassport in a process that Vision-Box says has reduced the processing time from about three minutes per person down to an average of 15 seconds.

The benefits are pretty obvious, and that’s why more airports are looking to this kind of technology to improve traffic flows and security. Vision-Box is, of course, a major player in this area, having recently won the inaugural Radiant Pioneer Award for similar projects in Aruba. Its technology has also helped with border security for the Schengen zone as Europe struggles to manage an ongoing refugee crisis. And as Vision-Box continues to see high-profile, successful deployments, it’s likely to pick up further momentum in the biometric border screening market.

January 13, 2016 – by Alex Perala