Vision-Box Focuses on Biometric Entry-Exit Applications at Connect:ID

Vision-Box is demonstrating the versatility of its biometric screening technology in highlighting its biometric exit applications at this week’s Connect:ID expo.Vision-Box Focuses on Biometric Entry-Exit Applications at Connect:ID

The company’s platform revolves around the automated biometric screening of travelers at airports and other border checkpoints. While it has seen multiple major deployments aimed at reducing passenger wait times and improving the efficiency and administrative capabilities of the organizations deploying it, at Connect:ID Vision-Box is showing attendees how its system can enable border authorities “to efficiently collect the necessary information to assist in apprehending illegal immigrants and over stayers based on accurate identity verification and rule-based monitoring of travel patterns,” according to a statement announcing the company’s attendance at the expo.

The marketing effort arrives in the wake of the US Customs and Border Protection agency’s official notice that it is seeking partners to help with its Biometric Entry-Exit Program of Record, which it says will be based primarily on facial recognition. For its part, Vision-Box is emphasizing that such biometric screening systems can be implemented while enhancing the passenger experience, asserting that its solution can meet the highest standards of “biometric systems of record while adhering to pragmatic security protocol focused on facilitated travel.”

Vision-Box has been making its pitch from booth #506 at this week’s event, which concludes today.

May 3rd, 2017 – by Alex Perala