Vision-Box Expands Airport Biometrics Beyond Security Screening to Passenger Analytics

Vision-Box has officially launched Orchestra, an airport enhancement platform based on biometrics. The company made its move at this week’s Future Travel Experience Global 2016 Conference in Las Vegas.Vision-Box Expands Airport Biometrics Beyond Security Screening to Passenger Analytics

The platform was first announced earlier this year ahead of the Passenger Terminal Expo in Cologne, and is based on the technology underlying Vision-Box’s highly successful Aruba Happy Flow project. That project saw the deployment of Vision-Box’s technology to enable automated passenger screening based on biometric identification, and it won the company some industry acclaim, as in the case of its Radiant Pioneer Award.

Now, it’s positioning Orchestra as a passenger analytics platform, with its data accessible to stakeholders from airports, airlines, and border control officials to help them manage their responsibilities. The biometric system can track where passengers are spending their time, when they’re delayed, and other valuable statistics, and allows administrators to configure alerts when certain behaviors or conditions are detected, such as opening more eGates during a rush of travelers.

It’s an example of how biometric identification can be leveraged beyond the important function of border screening, and it’s evidently getting some attention, with Vision-Box having been awarded Best Exhibition Stand at the 2016 FTE Awards Gala. As governments and airport authorities increasingly explore biometric identification for security applications, they may quickly see the appeal of the additional benefits that Vision-Box’s Orchestra system has to offer.

September 9, 2016 – by Alex Perala