Multiple Virdi Fingerprint Readers to Get Avigilon ACM Compatibility

The Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) platform will soon support more fingerprint sensor products from South Korea-based Virdi International.

Multiple Virdi Fingerprint Readers to Get Avigilon ACM CompatibilityThe latter has announced that its AC2000 and AC5000plus fingerprint scanning terminals are first in line, with plans to allow customers to connect them to Avigilon’s Mercury controller modules starting in Q3 of this year. Later, the company plans to enable Avigilon connectivity for its AC100plus, AC1100, and AC2200 access control terminals.

News of the expanded support comes soon after Virdi made its USB fingerprint reader compatible with Avigilon ACM. In a statement, Virdi International Managing Director Cory Bellamy suggested that it’s a response to customer demand, asserting that Virdi “was asked by a number of its partners to develop technology that would allow integration into the Avigilon platform.”

Virdi says it has also developed enrollment software designed to allow end users to easily enroll new biometric credentials to their ACM systems.