VIDEO: HID Global Illustrates How Mobile Tech Can Transform Healthcare

It has taken a bit of time for the mobile revolution to really reach the healthcare sector in a substantial way, but if the solutions showcased at this year’s HIMSS offer any indication, it’s really happening now. And HID Global, in particular, is illustrating the various ways that cutting-edge mobile technology can offer transformative benefits in the hospital in a short new video.

It’s all about identity. The mobile biometrics revolution launched when Apple introduced a fingerprint-scanning iPhone in 2013 has thoroughly demonstrated how a user’s identity can be linked directly to their smartphone; and now HID is elaborating on that concept in various ways. Hospital administrators can send digital visitor badges directly to the phones of people coming to see friends or family; likewise, physicians can use mobile ID to easily and reliably identify themselves when moving between different healthcare complexes and accessing IT infrastructure, boosting overall security in the process. And biometric identification, in particular, can be used for things like establishing audit trails of who accessed medications and when, and registering new patients.

Beyond mobile identity, HID Global is also offering other innovative mobile solutions for healthcare. Its location services, for example, power a new smartphone-based wayfinding solution designed to help patients and visitors navigate complex hospital environments. And it also offers a mobile-based digital signature solution that allows doctor’s to electronically prescribe controlled substances.

As HID’s video illustrates, there’s a wide range of possibilities now that mobile tech is finding its way into the healthcare sector, to the benefit of healthcare practitioners, patients, and visitors alike.