Vi, The AI Coach That Lives in Biometric Earbuds

Biometric wearables tech developer LifeBEAM has announced an AI personal trainer. Called “Vi”, the system has been embedded in new biometric earphones from Harman Kardon.

Vi, The AI Coach That Lives in Biometric Earbuds

Vi is the world’s first voice-activated AI personal trainer who lives in biosensing earphones. (PRNewsfoto/LifeBEAM Labs)

The earphones are designed to pick up biometrics related to heart rate and posture, in addition to other data pertaining to things like elevation and speed. Vi is designed to integrate such information into its overall awareness of the user’s fitness activity, and to provide such information to the user on a conversational basis. Vi is also designed to integrate with third party health apps like Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit.

The system complements previous biometric wearables offerings from LifeBEAM, including a smart bike helmet and a biometric hat. It arrives amid a growing number of competing biometric earbuds, including other offerings designed to integrate artificial intelligence systems to improve the user experience.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)