Verint Leverages Voice Biometrics in Enterprise Packages

Verint Leverages Voice Biometrics in Enterprise PackagesCustomer engagement and digital security developer Verint Systems Inc. has announced improvements to its authentication and anti-fraud system. Called Verint Identity Authentication and Fraud Detection, the platform uses voice authentication to effectively replace archaic question-and-answer systems.

The advantage to the customer is, of course, convenience, allowing fast and easy authentication. For the organizations employing the solution, though, the benefits are far more tangible, with savings stemming from efficiency and increased security. In these respects it’s very much like other voice authentication systems; but where it stands out is in the fact that it is offered as part of a broader solutions package that can be tailored to an organization’s needs. It can be implemented as a security add-on to a preexisting Verint call recording setup, or it can be implemented as a separate system enhancing a different call center environment; and it also works with Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, which is designed to guide employees in identifying and engaging with customers, and Verint Speech Analytics, which provides data on trends, anomalies, and so on.

It’s striking to note just how central a role Verint’s voice authentication technology now plays in its overall platform since it first acquired the technology back in the autumn of 2013. It reflects not only the value of the technology in a functional sense, but also how its market promise has shot up in the interim, with voice authentication systems now popping up in a number of applications, from bank call centers to mobile apps.

July 14, 2015 – by Alex Perala