Ver-ID Injects Facial Biometrics Into Digital Signing

Toronto-based biometric authentication specialist Applied Recognition has launched Ver-ID Transactions, a document signing system that uses facial recognition.Ver-ID Injects Facial Biometrics Into Digital Signing

It’s based on Applied Recognition’s FaceLocate algorithm, which the company says has been developed over a decade and now boasts up to 99.99 percent accuracy in identification. Ver-ID uses the technology to match a given document signatory against a biometric profile, enabling digital signing via the system’s private signature key. And it works using standard smartphone and PC cameras, allowing for deployment across a range of potential applications.

In a statement announcing the system’s general availability, Applied Recognition co-CEO and CTO Ray Ganong asserted that “[a]lmost every traditional face to face transaction has moved online or will soon move online,” so facial recognition “coupled with established ID credentials provides a critical bridge between traditional and digital transactions”.

The system is available as a complete solution or as an SDK, allowing clients to customize it for their particular needs.

September 21, 2016 – by Alex Perala