Vending Machine Provider Taps M2SYS for Finger Vein Tech

M2SYS is bringing biometric security to American Green vending machines. The company has been tapped to provide its M2-FingerVein technology for the America Green Machines scheduled to start shipping by the end of the year.Vending Machine Provider Taps M2SYS for Finger Vein Tech

As the name suggests, M2-FingerVein is based on vascular biometric profiles under the finger’s skin. Because it goes beyond the surface-level fingerprints, which can be obscured by cuts, dry skin, and the like, it may offer a more reliable means of biometric authentication, with the biometric profile being “virtually impossible to reverse engineer and replicate,” according to a statement from the companies.

M2SYS has previously provided this kind of technology for clients like Arig Bank of Mongolia and Yemen’s Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum. In American Green’s case, it’s going to be used to secure vending machines expected to dispense products ranging from coconut water to beer to cannabis, and may go some way in assuring American Green clients that their products will be properly administered.

November 30, 2016 – by Alex Perala