Vehicular Biometric System Authenticates Drivers Via Mirror

Vehicular components maker Gentex is planning to show off some innovative automotive technologies at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, including a biometric driver authentication system.Vehicular Biometric System Authenticates Drivers Via Mirror

The system is based in the car’s rearview mirror, and would be used for access control with respect to the car’s ignition. It would also automatically adjust things like seating and mirror positions, as well as music preferences, based on this biometric identification of the driver. In a statement announcing the system, Gentex didn’t specify the biometric modality to be used in this process, but an accompanying graphic indicated that it’s based on biometrics of the eye.

At CES, the system will debut at a time when major car makers are working to pioneer vehicular biometrics, with efforts ranging from a driver-authenticating fingerprint sensor from Continental to a facial and voice recognition system in Chrysler’s Portal smart car. As a third-party components provider, Gentex is positioning the solution as one ideal for car sharing services, though various automakers could find themselves interested as the biometrics trend continues to rise in prominence.

January 3, 2017 – by Alex Perala