Validity Sensors Supports FIDO Protocol to Accelerate Adoption of Secure Authentication in Mobile Devices and PCs

Today Validity Sensors, Inc., a founding member of the FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online) and the leader in Natural ID™ authentication fingerprint sensors, has announced its plans to fully support FIDO integration in its mobile and notebook software development kits (SDKs) for both Android and Windows operating systems.

Along with founding members PayPal, Lenovo and others, Validity sees the need for an open standard supporting stronger security that’s simple to use. “With the mass adoption of web-based mobile services, it has become increasingly more difficult to control all of your online identities, passwords and PINs,” said Sebastien Taveau, Validity CTO and FIDO Alliance Board Member. “With this open alliance, simple and secure authentication will become pervasive across devices and applications by using modern and effective identity methods like Validity’s Natural ID fingerprint technology.”

Natural ID fingerprint sensors have been deployed in most of the world’s brand-name consumer and enterprise notebooks and are quickly being adopted by mobile devices. Validity Natural ID makes the fingerprint the key to one’s digital identity, transforming the ease of login, securing purchases and online transactions, and enhancing privacy on all of a user’s personal and shared devices.

The FIDO Alliance was formed to change the nature of authentication by developing specifications for an open, scalable, and interoperable set of mechanisms that replace passwords for securely authenticating users of online services. The adoption of an industry supported standards-based protocol ensures interoperability between solutions, preventing the fragmentation that has delayed broad-scale market adoption of simple, yet strong authentication.

Taveau will speak at the inaugural FIDO Alliance Silicon Valley Seminar this Thursday, February 21, 2013, at Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum. The seminar will be attended by leaders in the fields of security, biometric sensors, consumer devices, authentication, software and more, and will introduce organizations to the work and strategic objectives of the FIDO Alliance. Other speakers include Michael Barrett and Bill Leddy from PayPal, Joe Pennisi from Lenovo, and Phil Dunkelberger from Nok Nok Labs.

Those interested in attending can register at or can learn more at

About Validity

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Validity ( is the world leader in Natural ID authentication, providing fingerprint sensors with the highest levels of performance, security, cost-effectiveness and design flexibility. Validity’s patented LiveFlex® fingerprint sensor technology enables authentication, mobile payments, and touch-based navigation for applications ranging from invisible, under-glass sensors for smartphones; buttons for handsets and tablets; and the world’s thinnest palm-rest designs for Ultrabook™ computers. For the latest news on biometrics and authentication, read the Natural ID blog by Validity CTO, Sebastien Taveau.

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