Valencell Will Be All Over CES 2015

Multifactor BiometricsBiometrics developer Valencell will be on a charm offensive during this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The company’s CEO, Dr. Steven LeBoeuf, will be a presenter at the MEMS Technology Conference Session on the morning of January 6th and a panelist in the Innovator session of The FitnessTech Summit Conference later that same day.

It’s an opportunity for Dr. LeBoeuf to shine a spotlight not just on his company, but on the athletic- and fitness-tracking subfields in which Valencell specializes. The MEMS session will see him discuss the potential of biometric earbuds for such industries as athletics and gaming, while the Innovator sessions will place more of a focus on personal health-tracking.

Having seen a 300 percent increase in its licensing partnerships over the last year, Valencell now has a number of products sporting its biometric sensors showcasing in CES. With the current excitement over wearable tech, biometric technology has enormous potential for applications in these areas, and with the athletic-tracking and gaming sectors driven strongly by consumer demand, a business model that focuses on getting biometric tech into other companies’ devices is clearly a winning strategy – one that has vaulted Valencell into the spotlight during this year’s CES.

(Source: Mobile ID World)