USB Scanners Let More Windows Users Take Advantage of Biometric Security

Users have growing options to help them improve security on their Windows devices.

USB Scanners Let More Windows Users Take Advantage of Biometric SecurityMicrosoft made its big push into biometric security with the launch of Windows 10 last summer, which featured Windows Hello, a built-in security system that enabled biometric authentication. The only problem was that this was entirely software-driven, and many users didn’t have hardware featuring the infrared cameras and fingerprint sensors needed to take advantage of the biometric security options.

That situation has slowly improved as more hardware partners have rolled out Windows Hello-compatible devices, but a more immediate solution has also arisen with the emergence of 3rd-party USB fingerprint sensors. As Microsoft’s biometric hardware partner, BIO-key has launched multiple such devices, allowing consumers to immediately take advantage of Windows 10’s fingerprint-based security; its SideSwipe and EcoID devices became available on Amazon in May, and more recently the company partnered with a major distributor, which should further extend the availability of its products.

With the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update having further extended the operating system’s biometric security capability, users stand to benefit even more from this technology—and with the USB fingerprint scanner options currently available, they can take advantage of it even if their computers and laptops don’t have the requisite sensors built in.

August 11th, 2016 – by Alex Perala