USAA Takes Advantage of New Android Tech

USAA Takes Advantage of New Android TechFinancial services organization USAA has announced that its members will be some of the first in the US to use Google’s new Android Pay mPayment platform. Members who are VISA and MasterCard cardholders are going to be able to register their cards for use with Android Pay later this summer.

As with the company’s introduction of biometric authentication on its mobile app, USAA is promoting this development as both a customer service measure and a way of staying at the cutting edge of new technology. In a statement, USAA executive Vikram Parekh said the company is “committed to delivering simple and secure payment experiences for our members, which is why we are moving so quickly to integrate our cards with Android Pay.”

In the same spirit, USAA is also jumping at the opportunity to take advantage of the fingerprint sensor capabilities of the new Android M operating system. Embedded as a native API on Android devices running the new OS, the system will let USAA users log into the app by scanning their fingers.

USAA is in the habit of using new technology to improve the convenience and accessibility of its services, an approach that has paid off in business terms. With the exciting new opportunities that Android Pay and Android M are offering, the company is poised to continue leading the forefront of mobile banking and financial services.

May 29, 2015 – by Alex Perala