Upgraded NexID Software Can Detect Fake Fingerprints with Almost 100 Percent Accuracy

Fingerprint BiometricsAnti-spoofing software provider NexID has upgraded its technology for fake-fingerprint detection on mobile devices, achieving almost total accuracy. The company announced its new SDK at the Biometrics 2014 conference that’s currently going on in London.

NexID’s new SDK is the product of a major overhaul of the company’s software undertaken over the last month or so. Whereas previously its anti-spoofing SDK had an accuracy of 96.5 percent, with its new version 1.2 that number has increased to 99.5 percent. Also important is that the software is now applicable for a huge range of fingerprint sensors, from sensors on mobile devices to those on ATMs, whether they’re swipe-based or touch-based technologies.

They’ve put themselves into a very good position. With the recent launch of Apple Pay, consumers are starting to be shepherded into the world of mobile payments, and it’s well understood that their main hesitation in embracing the technology is concern about security. Apple has eased some of those anxieties with its inclusion of fingerprint-scanning Touch ID security in its latest iPhones, and competitors are starting to follow suit, though liveness detection is still a major concern in these consumer grade deployments.

NexID’s push into the 99th percentile for spoofing-detection accuracy could make it highly desirable for companies seeking to ease or even eliminate customers’ security concerns, while the company’s success at achieving multi-platform compatibility for its software opens it up to the full range of the fingerprint security market.

To its credit, the company isn’t ready to stop tinkering with its technology. In a press release, NexID COO Mark Cornett said the company is continuing “to explore ways to reduce equal error rates toward zero” – an ambitious goal that could only benefit the company and consumers.

October 21, 2014 – by Alex Perala