Upgraded FaceFirst Biometric Security System is More Accurate in Extreme Conditions

“With these performance gains and simplified deployment, the improved platform opens up a variety of new applications and use cases for automated video analysis across industries.” – Peter Trepp, CEO FaceFirst

Biometrics News: Upgraded FaceFirst Biometric Security System is More Accurate in Extreme Conditions

FaceFirst has announced an upgraded version of its facial recognition platform.

Version 6.6 of the biometric system offers multiple improvements. According to a blog post announcing the upgrade, it can now recognize somewhere between four and 7.5 times more faces in particularly challenging scenarios such as large crowds, unusual camera angles, or extreme lighting conditions. It can also operate across a greater variety of camera hardware, including dome, bullet, and panoramic cameras, as well as webcams and USB cameras.

FaceFirst has also sought to make deploying its technology easier, with version 6.6 of its platform now easier to configure by adding dozens of locations through a central server. And a new ‘camera health monitoring’ system is designed to track cameras if they shift from their ideal configurations.

Elaborating on the latter feature, FaceFirst Product VP Roger Angarita explained that the FaceFirst system “is being used in highly trafficked areas like retail outlets, stadiums and transportation hubs. It’s pretty common to have cameras shift position or focus over time, but now our customers and partners will know when cameras are not collecting the ideal visual data.”

The upgrade arrives a little over a year after FaceFirst’s launch of Sentinel-IQ, a version of its facial recognition solution that is aimed specifically at the detection of shoplifters and criminals in retail settings. FaceFirst v. 6.6 complements that offering with a more robust platform targeted broadly at enterprise and other large-scale security applications.

August 22, 2019 – by Alex Perala