Indian Citizens Can Update Aadhaar Info Online

Indian Citizens Can Update Aadhaar Info OnlineIndian authorities are trying to make it easy for citizens to manage their Aadhaar national ID cards. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), which oversees the ID card program and its associated biometric citizen registry, is quietly promoting its self-service online updating system.

The self-service system lets citizens update information such as home address quickly and easily, often without any need to provide hard copies of documentation. Once such information is updated, a new Aadhaar card is issued (albeit with the same ID number) and mailed out. That can take a long time; a Times of India article spoke to one citizen whose new Aadhaar card took almost five months to arrive. Still, the convenience of updating personal information online should prove a sufficient tradeoff for many.

This kind of accessibility is increasingly important in India as the Aadhaar cards continue to be used for more important government services, from setting up bank accounts to administering healthcare services. Speaking to the Times, UIDAI deputy director said that the organization has so far seen more than 4.5 million successful updates. With the Aadhaar system now solidly in place and continuing to expand, the organization can expect many more going forward.

Source: The Times of India

August 25, 2015 – by Alex Perala