Unisys to Discuss Embedded Banking at FinTech Americas

Unisys to Discuss Embedded Banking at FinTech Americas

The Unisys Corporation’s Maria Allen is heading to the 2019 FinTech Americas conference to participate in a panel discussion that will delve into the benefits offered (and the challenges posed) by embedded banking innovations.

“Advances like embedded banking enable digital banking services to be delivered in real time, when and where the customer needs it,” said Allen. “It’s about removing friction from traditional banking processes – enabling people to conduct transactions from any device, at any time – to provide a better customer experience.”

Allen is the Vice President and Global Head of Financial Services at Unisys, and will specifically emphasize the importance of Zero Trust security for financial institutions implementing open banking features.

“A ‘trusted identity’ approach is necessary because interconnectivity with partners, vendors and customers means that sensitive data must be protected across multiple touchpoints,” explained Allen.

Thankfully, there are now multiple forms of biometric authentication – including voice recognition, iris recognition, and behavioral biometrics like typing patterns – that meet the high levels of security needed to deliver safe open banking services for customers.

Unisys has repeatedly emphasized the need for strong digital security in the modern era. The company launched its multichannel Elevate banking platform back in 2017, and has since expanded its portfolio with secure products like Stealth(identity). The latter is an identity management platform that makes it easier for enterprise partners to enroll biometric information for large numbers of consumers. 

June 3, 2019 – by Eric Weiss