UMANICK Targets Latin America with New Bogota Office

Biometric security solutions developer UMANICK has opened a new office in the ParqueSoft IT complex of Bogota, Colombia.

UMANICK Targets Latin America with New Bogota OfficeIn a statement, the company framed the move as an effort to target the Latin American region, and particularly Colombia, Peru, and Mexico, which “show high potential for biometric identification,” particularly in the healthcare, payments, and banking markets that are UMANICK’s focus. The company suggested that these markets are demonstrating an increasing need for biometric security solutions, with CEO Emilio Gallego that the region sees “more fraud by identity theft than in the EU”.

The move comes after UMANICK’s participation in the Colombian Association of Hospitals and Clinics’ XII International Congress of Hospitals and Clinics this past summer, where UMANICK showcased its biometric identity solutions for the healthcare market. Galego added at the event he “saw the great importance they attach to improving patient safety,” suggesting this was an important factor in persuading the company’s leadership to open its new Bogota office.

December 12, 2016 – by Alex Perala