Ukraine Officials Push for Biometric Border Screening

Top officials in Ukraine are seeking to implement biometric border control, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

Ukraine Officials Push for Biometric Border ScreeningThe move is being pushed forward by the country’s National Security and Defense Council and its President, Petro Poroshenko, who heads the group. According to the report, the authorities aim to collect biometric data from non-citizens at all border checkpoints, not just airports. Such data will include fingerprints and digital photos.

In a statement, President Poroshenko said the efforts “will considerably boost opportunities in terms of the fight against terrorism.”

The move comes as border authorities in the US seek to implement a similar biometric border screening program, and indeed as biometric border control continues to catch on around the world, especially in airport deployments where the technology can be used to reduce wait times. In Ukraine, the NSDC’s efforts come in the form of draft legislation, with the President expressing optimism that it would be widely embraced.

Source: KyivPost