UK Law Enforcement Market Eager to Add Biometrics to Arsenal

Law Enforcement BiometricsIn a Law Enforcement Biometrics Month miracle, a market research firm has issued a new report on just that topic. Research and Markets, which bills itself as the world’s largest market research store, has just released its report, “Law Enforcement Biometrics Market in UK 2014-2018”, in which the firm outlines are growing market for biometric technology in the field of law enforcement and security.

The report points to rising concerns about domestic terrorism as the key factor driving the market right now. In the current atmosphere governments are keen to spend their money on public safety measures and biometric technology offers many applications in this domain. While the report notes that biometric technology is commonly used for security, user authentication, and access control, it highlights the market potential for mobile biometric identification technology to be used by police patrols. Government security administrators’ appetite for this can already be seen elsewhere in the world; India, which has its own serious security concerns, has just begun to issue digital citizenship cards with biometric applications.

The report does issue a note of caution when it comes to biometric technology’s accuracy, however, highlighting it as an area where more R&D is needed before the technology can gain widespread market access. Given governments’ desire for this technology, though, it seems likely that the key vendors identified in the report – 3M Cogent, Cross Match Technologies, NEC, and Safran – would quickly be able to recoup such an investment.