uGuardian Brings Biometric Access To Small Business Owners

uGuardian Brings Biometric Access To Small Business OwnersBiometric and RFID manufacturer ZKAccess has partnered with cloud-based products and services provider Processing Point. Together the companies aim to provide biometric fingerprint door locks to small business and home office owners. The initiative has already born fruit, with the announcement of a new line of fingerprint door locks, aggressively priced for said target markets, called uGuardian.

The uGuardian fingerprint door locks clearly have the small business and home office in mind. They offer do-it-yourself installation and feature ZKAccess’ advanced fingerprint tech—the company has developed the uGuardian hardware and supplied its proprietary biometric algorithms. Processing Point, meanwhile, is responsible for marketing the Guardian line.

uGuardian features options for those looking for standalone systems and mobile-enabled ones which leverage Bluetooth technology to allow for smartphones to be used to open and close doors. In a press release, the fingerprint door locks were characterized as tech-savvy yet durable.”

“Processing Point’s dynamic software development team, coupled with their extensive retail channel, quickly puts uGuardian in the hands of small business owners and home office users everywhere,” says Larry Reed, CEO of ZKAccess.

That last part is, again, key to the offering. With uGuardian, ZKAccess and Processing Point are aiming to provide next-gen access control to a market that normally faces a large accessibility barrier when it comes to adopting biometric security. Easy installation, a competitive price (uGuardian is listed on Amazon right now at $269.00) and even a choice in color makes it easy for small and home businesses to join in the biometric access control revolution.

“The biggest winner in this partnership is the business owner working in a small office or home office environment who can now feel secure behind an extremely advanced, yet affordable door lock,” says Reed.

ZKAccess is no stranger to low-cost access control solutions. In December the company announced new Power-over-Ethernet kits that were similarly inexpensive.

January 26, 2016 – by Peter B. counter