Uganda’s Electoral Commission Trains Staff on Biometric Voter Identification

Uganda's Electoral Commission Trains Staff on Biometric Voter IdentificationUganda’s Electoral Commission has started training staff to use the biometric technology to be used in its upcoming election.

The EC ordered 32,000 thumbprint scanners for this purpose from Smartmatic, which has also helped to provide technology for election projects in other countries including Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, and the Philippines. The scanners will be deployed to about 28,000 polling stations throughout the country; accordingly, the EC is now training 50 employees, who will proceed to train other officials at the various polling locations.

This will be the country’s first foray into biometric voter identification.

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Recently, FindBiometrics’ president Peter O’Neill sat down to interview Robert Cook, Worldwide Business Support Vice-President for Smartmatic.

Source: NTV