U.are.U Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android Now Available from Digital Persona

DigitalPersona Inc. announced today the availability of their U.are.U® Software Development Kit (SDK) for Android™ making it possible to use DigitalPersona’s high-performance, standards-based, FIPS 201 PIV-certified optical fingerprint readers with Android applications.

 Android systems are used to access networks, conduct transactions and other dealings and require strong, secure forms of authentication outside of the use of passwords and PINs. Secure access and fraud prevention can be provided by fingerprint biometrics. Developers can easily integrate fingerprint biometric authentication with the U.are.U SDK for Android in a few hours. Cross-platform development is easy and efficient as the SDK was designed to use the same API as found in the DigitalPersona U.are.U SDKs for Windows and Linux. To be able to distribute the DigitalPersona runtime engine with the developer’s application the U.are.U SDK comes with a sample code, a detailed developer’s guide and a royalty-free license.

 “Our U.are.U SDK for Android gives developers the integration tools needed to use standards-based, optical fingerprint readers with their Android applications,” said Chris Trytten, director of biometrics product management at DigitalPersona. “The addition of Android to our U.are.U SDK offering provides developers with the choice of platform that best fits their needs.”

 Image and template standards including ISO 19794:2005, ANSI/INCITS 381-2004, ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 and ANSI INCITS 378-2004 are fully supported by the U.are.U SDK for Android. Plus the DigitalPersona FingerJetTM biometric engine which highlights a MINEX-certified extractor that offers developers the ability to make unlimited choices of matching algorithms and to comply with customer requirements for standards support.

 The new U.are.U SDK for Android is available now.  For more information, including detailed specifications, visit www.digitalpersona.com/android.


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