Tyco Enhances C•CURE 9000 Platform with IdentityTech Integrations

Tyco Security Products has completed another major integration into its C•CURE 9000. The security and event management platform now supports IdentityTech fingerprint scanners.

Tyco Enhances C•CURE 9000 Platform with IdentityTech Integrations

The devices—IDTAccess, IDTGate, and IDTWallmount—are IP65-certified rugged fingerprint readers designed to operate in a range of environments and also sporting anti-vandal casings. As integrated into C•CURE 9000, any one fingerprint reader can support as many as 500,000 identities, and the biometric data that these devices collect is encrypted for transmission. Moreover, the readers all feature DTP keypads, audio and video support, and smart card compatibility; and the IDTWallmount reader has a 5MP video camera and an LED interface.

The move follows another major integration announced last month, when Entertech Systems’ BioConnect identity management platform was incorporated into C•CURE 9000. That enabled both fingerprint and facial recognition, and also integrated Suprema’s FaceStation IP terminal for the latter modality.

Commenting on these integrations in a statement, Tyco product line director Jason Ouellette asserted that the company’s “growing portfolio of biometric integrations with the powerful C•CURE 9000 platform continues to expand the options for businesses requiring a higher level of security with multi-factor authentication.”

December 21, 2015 – by Alex Perala