Trulioo’s GlobalGateway Platform Now Boasts Biometric Authentication

Trulioo has announced that its GlobalGateway platform is now able to perform document verification together with biometric authentication thanks to a new partnership with mobile enrollment specialist Mitek.Trulioo's GlobalGateway Platform Now Boasts Biometric Authentication

That system is now able to identify 3,500 different kinds of identity documents including passports, driver licenses, and the like. A user can confirm that she is the document holder by taking a selfie photo, with her facial biometrics compared to those in the image on the ID document.

In a statement, Trulioo CEO Stephen Ufford said the technology “enables an additional factor of authentication for high value transactions,” calling it one of the “powerful tools” available to Trulioo clients for anti-fraud protection.

It’s another example of a growing number of mobile verification and onboarding solutions that leverage biometrics for authentication. Jumio, for example, has reported considerable growth for its Netverify platform, which similarly leverages facial recognition and document verification capabilities for user authentication.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)