TransUnion Developing Voice Biometric Registry

Voice BiometricsTransUnion has announced that it is developing a voice biometric registry. The project has been undertaken in collaboration with South African voice biometrics developer OneVault, with an aim to offer the registry as a pay-per-use service for other businesses.

Right now the Voice Bank only has 30,000 biometric voiceprints on file, which have mostly been retrieved via TransUnion’s own call center, but TransUnion expects that it will grow quickly. And the company expects the service to be pretty popular, given companies increasing interest in biometric security; voice biometrics, in particular, has proven popular in the financial services sector.

Speaking in a press release, TransUnion VP Tim Frost also lauded the company’s tech partner, OneVault, asserting, “Our partnership with South Africa’s leading specialist voice biometric solutions provider has meant that we can offer our customers an important addition to our authentication solution stack.”

Indeed, OneVault is no stranger to the voice biometrics field, having a rich history in securing banks and other major institutions, and most recently having teamed up with Nuance to equip major South African financial services firm Investec with voice biometric security for its clients. TransUnion, for its part, is also familiar with the benefits of biometrics, having teamed up with ImageWare Systems last fall to provide biometric security for its own customers. Given both organizations expertise, it seems quite possible that other companies will be persuaded to try their new registry themselves.

April 1, 2015 – by Alex Perala