Transmit Security Announces Second Major Bank Deployment in Israel

The First International Bank of Israel (FIBI) is implementing the Transmit Security Platform (“Transmit SP”) in its line of services. In a statement announcing the deployment, Transmit Security explained that FIBI was making the move in order “to meet regulatory mandates that require the implementation of risk-based multi-factor authentication”.Transmit Security Announces Second Major Bank Deployment in Israel

It’s a considerable win for Transmit Security given that it only officially launched Transmit SP at the start of this year, and that FIBI is the second major bank in Israel to deploy the solution. But Transmit Security was evidently hard at work behind the scenes as it prepared for the launch, with the company asserting that the deployment process with FIBI “took less than two months”.

Transmit SP is a mobile authentication platform that Transmit Security says “can add any form of authentication… to any application”. It’s a bold claim, and one that has evidently won Transmit Security some renown, with CEO Mickey Boodaei having recently been named one of the eight members of HSBC’s new Technology Advisory Board.

January 25, 2017 – by Alex Perala