BIO-key International Announces Five New Partnerships

BIO-key International Announces Five New Partnerships

BIO-key International has been optimistic about 2014. Last week the company released its final 2013 financial results, hosting a conference call that was broadcast live over the Internet, and though the revenues were down when compared to the year previous, BIO-key itself is in an excellent position as we enter this year’s second quarter. Today,…

Interview with Jim Albers, Senior Vice President, Government Operations, MorphoTrust


fB: Do you see mobility as a key driver for the biometric industry over the next few years?

MorphoTrust: Absolutely. I think more and more biometrics will become accepted and people will begin to see by using their cell phone that their lives are simplified and protected against cybercrime and identity theft; they will be able to self-authenticate transactions using secure credentials on the phone as well as using a biometric to either do one-to-one verification or one-to-many identification.

fB: I couldn’t agree more with you Jim. What will you be highlighting at this year’s Biometric Consortium Conference coming up in Tampa?

MorphoTrust: Well actually we have kind of a unique situation here because in our second year, as I mentioned, we focused on coming together as one of the Morpho companies and working with our sister companies MorphoTrak and MorphoDetection, particularly, so you will see that we will be showing the vision for the future as biometrics moves beyond our current view into the commercial arena and the transactional business of securing the lives of Americans – even beyond biometrics, because MorphoDetection, for example, is one of our sister companies. So you will see the whole end-to-end solution. We’ve been very successful, Peter, as you probably know. Most of us started with identifying bad guys. My particular background with biometrics that I was involved in was really proven in Iraq and Afghanistan. So it is our goal right now to show how biometrics and pure credentialing can converge to simplify the lives of Americans.

EyeLock Recruits New Talent To Accelerate International Expansion and National Penetration

August 16, 2013 – Peter B. Counter Iris-based authentication solutions provider EyeLock Inc. has announced the recruitment for two new executives in what appears to be an aggressive posturing for the second half of 2013. Yesterday Michael Fiorito was appointed as vice president of enterprise accounts, and today Roger An was named vice president of…

Fujitsu and ImageWare Systems Enter Into Contract to Enable the Delivery of Cloud-Based Biometric Multi-Modal Solutions

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Mar 25, 2013) – Fujitsu today announced a contract with ImageWare Systems, Inc. (OTCQB: IWSY), a leader in multi-modal biometric security management solutions, to enable the deployment of a new multi-modal biometric identity management solution and model. The cloud-based offering is built on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP) and features ImageWare’s CloudID(TM) product…