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Interview with John Hinmon, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Cross Match Technologies, Inc.


As I look back on your ten year anniversary/year in review issue, mobile really is a hot area for us. We are going to be launching the new SEEK Avenger this year, which is the next handheld in the SEEK family of multimodal biometric handhelds. We view the mobile market place and space as a strategic opportunity for the business. With SEEK Avenger, we really are looking at a number of market segments for that product beyond just the traditional defence or military application of the product.   We see a logical cross over into remote border applications where it can help expand the effectiveness of the agents in the field; those in remote or transmission/communication compromised situations; as well as law enforcement or special operations law enforcement –  I am thinking about crisis response teams or disaster recovery efforts

Rep. Patrick Murphy Visits Cross Match Technologies

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – April 2, 2013, Today U.S. Congressman Patrick Murphy (FL-18) visited Cross Match Technologies’ headquarters where he was able to visit with constituents and view firsthand their work to ramp up production of Cross Match’s new Guardian and Guardian IP ten-print scanners and SEEK II multi-biometric handheld solution. The visit comes…

M2SYS Technology Hires Bill Dumont as Executive Vice President of Global Sales

Atlanta, GA — April 02, 2013: M2SYS Technology, a global biometrics identity management company, announced today that it has hired Bill Dumont as Executive Vice President of Global Sales. The former Senior VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Cross Match Technologies, Bill has extensive hands-on experience developing large-scale government and commercial biometric identity management projects…

The Honorable Ross Ashley Named Advisor to the Board

Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. – March 13, 2013 Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a world leader in biometric identity management and technology solutions, announced today that the Honorable W. Ross Ashley III will serve as advisor to the board of directors. In that role, Mr. Ashley will provide strategic guidance to the company as it continues…

Cross Match Technologies Releases Mobile Essentials SDK for Smartphone Platforms

Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of biometric identity management solutions, announced today the release of two new versions of its Mobile Essentials SDK that integrates its Verifier Mw wireless handheld fingerprint scanner with Android and Blackberry cellular smartphones. Both versions enable capture and identification applications that operate over 3G networks. The Company’s…