Top UK Construction Companies Using ievo Technology

Top UK Construction Companies Using ievo TechnologyUK-based fingerprint scanner developer ievo has been winning clients in the country’s construction industry, the company reports. Looking at the 23 companies that have consistently been named in the top 30 of The Construction Index‘s Top 100 Construction Companies, ievo staff found that 20 had used ievo systems, either through direct deployments or via partner companies.

It’s a testament to the ruggedness of the company’s technology, which uses multispectral imaging to overcome moisture, dust, and other kinds of materials that can be found on the surface of a finger; the sensors can reportedly even scan through latex gloves. Additionally, the comapany’s flagship ievo ultimate scanner has IP65 certification and vandalism-resistant features. Thus, the tech is a natural fit for a construction site, given the various materials that can wind up on workers’ hands, and has been deployed for both access control and employee time and attendance tracking applications.

The company’s success in this area offers substantial validation, given that ievo was just a 12-person startup when it received £200k in funding from NEL Fund Managers less than a year ago. Of course, ievo is still looking to appeal beyond the construction market. Commenting in a statement, ievo Managing Director Shaun Oakes said the ievo team is “looking forward to build upon this installation base as we expose ourselves to new markets and attract new and exciting partners.”

February 3, 2016 – by Alex Perala