Togo’s Eateries Ditch Passwords For Crossmatch Biometrics

UareU4500ReaderTogo’s Eateries, Inc. has embraced biometrics for employee sign-in and transaction authorization, effectively replacing the passwords that left the sandwich chain open to the threat of fraud and theft. U.are.U fingerprint readers from Crossmatch have been deployed at the San Jose, CA-based company’s locations.

“The Crossmatch biometrics solution has allowed us to easily move to single-drawer accountability at the POS,” says Mike Pennington, Togo’s technology integration manager. “Our associates sign in quickly and know that no one else can access their cash drawer.”

Biometric employee sign-in, often referred to as biometric time and attendance, brings with it a variety of benefits. For employees, sign-in is quick and easy, not requiring that they know a constantly changing password. For employers it means greater accountability on behalf of staff, as biometrics are non-transferable, cutting out the possibility of time fraud and other means of theft.

Togo’s Eateries used to rely on passwords for transaction authorization. Now, over 1000 of the company’s employees use fingerprints instead.

Richard Agostinelli, CEO of Crossmatch, comments: “We are proud to see yet another restaurant rely on Crossmatch biometrics-based solutions to achieve outstanding results. And we look forward to seeing our solutions continue to empower restaurants and retailers to increase security, improve customer service and reduce fraud at the point of sale.”

The U.are.U fingerprint readers deployed at Togo’s Eateries locations have a history of bringing accountable employee transactions to restaurants. The solution was featured in our final Time & Attendance Month featured article because it’s so prolific, seeing deployment at Hooters, Popeye’s, Wendy’s and Chili’s (though their franchisee, Valenti Management), and Meijer. U.are.U readers are also being used for attendance tracking in the Mexican Montparnasse Pasteleria bakery chain.

June 17, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter