TOC Biometrics Gets International Manager

Chile-based biometric authentication solutions provider TOC has appointed a new International Manager. Andrés Landerretche, a lawyer with the University of Chile, takes the post.

TOC Gets International ManagerIt’s a new position aimed at promoting the company on the global market, and has been created in the wake of new TOC office openings in Europe. In a statement announcing the position and Landerretche’s appointment, the company explained that its focus in these efforts will be “integration in the financial digital ecosystem that Landerretche will continue developing and implementing.”

Landerretche’s background suggests some facility with negotiations and alliance building. He’s a former diplomat who has been stationed in Africa and at the UN, and he has also worked in communications with BHP Billiton in Australia and domestically in Chile.

TOC is getting its International Manager at a propitious time, with the company having become the FIDO Alliance’s first Latin American member earlier this year. As the company continues to connect with other FIDO members from around the world, it’s quite possible that new international business opportunities will emerge.

September 21, 2016 – by Alex Perala