Tobii Pitches Eye-Tracking Tech for the Lab

Tobii Pro has announced two new eye-tracking research tools.

Tobii Pitches Eye-Tracking Tech for the LabCalled Tobii Pro Spectrum and Tobii Pro Lab, they essentially form one platform, with the former being the hardware and the latter being the software. Tobii Pro says they can track eye movements at up to 600 Hz without impeding head movements, and can capture as many as 600 images per second.

Moreover, Tobii Pro Lab – the software component of the platform – can combine data on a subject’s eye movements with other biometrics including cardiac, neurological, and sweat levels as indicated by ECG, EEG, and GSR readings. It’s designed primarily for behavioral research, with Tobii Pro pitching it to “researchers within fields such as neuroscience, infant and child development, psychology, linguistics, reading and ophthalmology” in a statement announcing the platform.

While Tobii may be best known for its consumer products allowing eye-tracking to be incorporated into video games and other user interfaces, the company’s technology is evidently sophisticated enough to have clinical uses, and may attract some attention as Tobii representatives showcase it at the Neuroscience 2016 conference in the coming days.

November 10, 2016 – by Alex Perala