ThreatMetrix Announces Winter ’18 Release

ThreatMetrix has announced the Winter ’18 Release of its eponymous digital security platform.

ThreatMetrix Announces Winter '18 ReleaseThe platform now features a faster Digital Identity Network, supported by multiple data centers around the world. It also offers more detailed reporting options, and a JavaScript verification feature that allows customers to affirm that JavaScript code within the platform hasn’t been altered.

The Winter ’18 Release also includes major new features announced at the Digital Identity Summit 2017. These include ThreatMetrix ID, an anonymous identifier for ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network users; and a Smart Authentication feature that supports device pairing, multi-factor authentication, and FIDO-based biometric authentication.

That last feature comes by way of Nok Nok Labs, which partnered with ThreatMetrix earlier this year; and it signals the growing influence of both Nok Nok Labs and the FIDO authentication standards consortium it co-founded. As awareness about these standards, and the need for strong authentication more generally, continues to rise, the feature should prove popular among ThreatMetrix’s many users.

November 22, 2017 – by Alex Perala