ThreatMetrix Announces Smart Authentication Platform

ThreatMetrix has officially announced its ThreatMetrix Smart Authentication platform.

ThreatMetrix Announces Smart Authentication PlatformThe platform makes use of trusted device identification and push notifications for user authentication. And, as ThreatMetrix Chief Products Officer Alisdair Faulkner explained in a statement announcing the solution, ThreatMetrix Smart Authentication is also supported by “anonymized global shared intelligence”.

Additionally, the platform now supports FIDO certified biometric authentication thanks to ThreatMetrix’s recently announced partnership with Nok Nok Labs. That should bring even more secure authentication to a wide range of users, with ThreatMetrix claiming that its ThreatMetrix Digital Identity Network processes 75 million transactions each day, and that it “protects 1.4 billion unique users.”

Like the Nok Nok Labs partnership, the ThreatMetrix Smart Authentication platform was announced at this week’s Digital Identity Summit in San Francisco.

September 21, 2017 – by Alex Perala