Study Shows Theme Park Attendees Want Biometric Authentication

A majority of theme park attendees want biometric authentication systems to help smooth out the verification process at their favorite destinations, says Omnico.

Study Shows Theme Park Attendees Want Biometric AuthenticationThe theme park software provider is basing its conclusion on surveys 3,470 consumers across five countries – China, Japan, Malaysia, the UK, and the US – who have visited theme parks at some point in the last two years. According to its Omnico Theme Park Barometer report, 85 percent of respondents indicated that they want AI systems to verify their identities, with fingerprint recognition being the most popular verification method, chosen by 32 percent of respondents.

Chinese attitudes were exceptional, however, with 41 percent of respondents choosing facial recognition as their favored means of identification. That could be because the technology has a growing presence in everyday life in the country, including at least one major theme park deployment.

In any case, Omnico’s research suggests that consumers – or theme park enthusiasts, at least – are quickly coming to see the benefits of biometric authentication as they seek to maximize their time on roller coasters and water slides.

June 13, 2017 – by Alex Perala