The Market’s Biometric Footprint is Expanding: Scott Mahnken on BIO-key’s Successful 2013 [Year in Review 2013]

Bio-key LogoJanuary 16, 2014 – by the findBIOMETRICS Team     

As part of the findBIOMETRICS annual Year in Review survey, we don’t only ask experts to participate in our biometrics industry polls, we also provide everyone participating a chance to personally divulge their opinions on the year that was and preview what’s to come over the next twelve months.

Included in our industry survey this year was BIO-key International’s VP of marketing, Scott Mahnken. Here is what Scott had to say about BIO-key’s successful 2013 and how much of a game changer mobility is going to be in the coming year.

findBIOMETRICS: Was 2013 a good year for BIO-key? What were some of the highlights?

 Scott Mahnken: In an evolving and somewhat choppy market, BIO-key had a successful 2013.  Frost and Sullivan recognized BIO-key’s commitment to developing and delivering fast and accurate biometric authentication solutions for education, healthcare, government and the enterprise applications, by selecting the company as the winner of the 2013 North America Competitive Strategy and Leadership award.  IBM and CA Technologies both validated BIO-key technology for integration within IBM TAM ESSO, IBM ISAM and CA SiteMinder.  Caradigm agreed to OEM BIO-key’s WEB-key technology in 2013 to support their SSO solution.  The company also added two new blood center customers, expanding our footprint as the leading provider of biometric technology within that space.  We also completed the final phase of the Nigerian SIM Card registration process.

In healthcare we completed the integration with Allscripts Professional EHR, rounding out our suite of solutions with Allscripts.

Late in 2013 BIO-key reached a collaborative agreement with AMD and earlier in 2013 the company announced a collaborative agreement with the InterDigital Corporation.  Both agreements extend the potential reach of BIO-key technology.

Moving forward and point to 2014 we look forward to introducing FreeChoiceID; which allows customers to select the privacy option they prefer.

findBIOMETRICS: What will 2014 hold for your company?

Scott Mahnken:  BIO-key is looking forward to 2014 for several reasons.  The continued adoption of biometric technology is one reason; but we are also inspired by the compliance drivers in healthcare, as we are already seeing indications that this market is about to expand it’s biometric footprint.  Additionally, we anticipate that the commitment to our sales and strategic partners will continue to pay dividends.  BIO-key partners include IBM, CA, Caradign, Epic, Allscripts and we’ve added new strategic partners such as IDC and AMD; therefore  we feel that BIO-key is well positioned for long-term sustainable growth.

As the mobile marketplace evolves, we believe that FreeChoiceID will become a standard for any customer concerned about privacy and the storing of their biometric identity.  Is it possible that 2014 will be a breakout year for BIO-key and the industry?  Once the mobile device manufacturers discover and introduce on device authentication on the majority of their devices – the game changes drastically; for the better!