The 2019 Biometrics Year in Review Survey Arrives at a Critical Time

As another big year in the biometrics industry reaches its conclusion, it’s time once again to reflect on the state of the art through FindBiometrics’ Year in Review survey.

Now in its 17th year, the Year in Review survey is the biggest of its kind in the biometrics industry. Thanks to FindBiometrics’ unique readership of experts and professionals in biometrics and adjacent areas, the results of this yearly survey offer compelling insights into the inside perspective of the biometrics industry, allowing everyone concerned to get some fresh perspective once the results are in.

This year’s survey presents the opportunity to comment on some particularly timely issues, with questions pertaining to Apple’s influence with respect to its recent shift to face-based authentication, the growing issue of privacy concerns and data protection regulations, and the use of biometrics for age verification in the purchase of restricted goods like alcohol and cannabis. There are also important questions concerning government use of biometric technologies, and whether biometrics in general are considered a ‘controversial’ technology.

These are pertinent questions in 2019; and with a very exciting decade coming to a close, it’s a critical time to broadly assess where the industry stands now, and possibly get a hint of where it’s heading. But in order to get the clearest possible picture, FindBiometrics needs as many responses as possible from industry professionals, analysts, and enthusiasts, so be sure to make your voice heard and fill out our brief survey!