Texas School District Moves Biometric Attendance Tracking to the Cloud

Texas School District Moves Biometric Attendance Tracking to the CloudTexas’ Galveston Independent School District has upgraded its biometric time and attendance tracking system. Provided by Kronos Incorporated, the school district’s Workforce Central system has now been moved to the cloud via Kronos Cloud.

The system is used to track employee attendance via biometric time clocks, with Galveston having been a longtime customer. By moving it to a cloud-based solution, the school is essentially minimizing the administrative effort needed to manage the system, particularly with respect to software upgrades, which will now be automated by Kronos Cloud.

In a statement, Galveston Independent School District’s lead PC support specialist, Rachael Alsup, commended Workforce Central for having “already helped us save time and money by automatically tracking time and attendance, accruals, overtime, and compliance,” and added that “Kronos provided top-notch implementation support during our move to the Kronos Cloud.”

Kronos introduced biometric capabilities to its workforce management solutions last year, and this new compatibility has allowed its Workforce Management platform to integrate biometric punch clocks from other companies, as in the case of its work with client Forever 21, a major fashion retailer that introduced M2SYS biometric technology this past summer. Now, with Kronos Cloud, the company could gain a higher profile by attracting new clients hoping to cut administrative costs with biometric and cloud-based solutions.

November 30, 2015 – by Alex Perala