Texas School District to Implement Biometric Time and Attendance Tracking

Texas School District to Implement Biometric Time and Attendance TrackingBiometric time and attendance tracking is coming to the San Benito Consolidated Independent School District in Texas.

Administrators have announced that they are implementing a fingerprint punch clock system on every campus, with the aim of getting them up and running by October. The system will be used only by paid employees, and not teachers and other salaried staff.

The aim is to improve efficiency. Speaking to The Brownsville Herald, SBCISD Superintendent Nate Carman explained, “We looked for a system, whether it was biometric or otherwise, to feed into our payroll system so we could cut back on the paperwork and be more efficient.” The solution that fit the bill came from identiMetrics, which has in recent years provided its biometric technology to schools across the US, often in deployments that linked student IDs with cafeteria purchases. The company says its technology is currently being used by 15 other school districts and charter schools in the Rio Grande Valley.

While the use of biometric technology in schools can sometimes provoke controversy, biometric time and attendance tracking systems are increasingly commonplace in a range of workplace settings.

The SBCID school board has allocated $179,413 to the purchase and implementation of identiMetrics’ solution, suggesting that school authorities are confident the system will offer some considerable efficiencies and cost savings in the long term.

Source: The Brownsville Herald

August 13, 2018 – by Alex Perala