Terrain Biometrics Introduced by AOptix Technologies

This week AOptix Technologies, a wireless communications company, announced that it has created a new identity-focused division: Terrain Biometrics.

The new division is dedicated to providing customers across the globe with usable and accurate ID verification solutions. It will retain AOptix’s core product development, sales and marketing team but, in order to lend stronger focus to the biometrics market, will be operating as a division.

This means that the legacy of AOptix Identity Solutions will be carried forward by Terrain Biometrics. The new division will still wave the flag of iris recognition, just as its predecessor has done since being founded in 2007.

Terrain Biometrics will continue to provide InSight iris and face recognition systems, used in high throughput deployments just as airports. On the other end of the biometric solutions spectrum, the division will also carry forward the mobile biometric platform, Stratus.

Chuck Yort, the division’s general manager comments: “We are excited to launch Terrain Biometrics. With this new brand, and the independence of a dedicated division, we carry forward the remarkable capabilities that were created under the AOptix name while addressing product development, market opportunities, and partnerships with renewed purpose.”

Currently, Terrain is working on a next gen mobile device under a $3 million funded development effort through the United States Department of Defense. The platform is said to be multi-modal, offering fingerprint face, iris and voice biometrics.

According to the press release announcing the new division, Terrain Biometrics will continue to be headquartered in Silicon Valley, maintaining its offices in Washington DC and Dubai.

June is Multi-Modal Month at findBIOMETRICS in which we are celebrating the diversity of identity management and strong authentication technologies. With AOptix dedicating more focus to biometrics, especially in just a diverse fashion, it looks like we aren’t the only ones excited for the future of the industry.

June 19, 2014 0 by Peter B. Counter